Smoke extraction Systems

Smoke extraction system solutions support in maintaining a smoke-free area which creates a means of escape and better access for fire fighters.

10 Storey building

For space-constrained multi-storey residences requiring mechanical smoke extraction to maintain smoke-free means of escape and fire fighter access. Mechanical smoke extract from corridors/lobbies provide reduced riser areas, can provide increased travel distances and is less susceptible to adverse wind pressures acting on the discharge Air Operating Vent [AOV] when compared to natural smoke vent systems.


1No. SMHA extract fan was selected to provide the required extract duty, 20No. ESAS smoke control dampers – one per level on extract side and 1 per level on make-up air route were provided to allow for only the fire level to have smoke ventilation, all other levels were closed off to prevent the spread of smoke. CFD analysis was also provided for this project to demonstrate the visibility achieved.

2 Storey building

For Multi-compartment buildings needing fire-rated ducts and dampers to maintain compartmentation between areas.

Fast-Response dampers are required to limit smoke spread between compartments. CE marking ensures a guaranteed level of quality and air leakage for life-safety equipment.