Car Parks

Car park system solutions should monitor and control pollution and also be ready to jump-into-action during a smoke extraction emergency in the case of a fire.

The MyAir Thrust Fan System is one of the most efficient and cost effective car park ventilation systems available on the market today.

Both day-to-day pollution and emergency smoke are safely and effectively ventilated. Designed to the highest standards and meeting the most stringent criteria to ensure all design requirements are met.

  • High System Performance
  • Low Installation Costs
  • Low Running Costs Optimises Car Park space
  • CFD System Design
  • Complete Turnkey Package available

We have built up vast applicational knowledge through involvement in many major construction projects, such as offices, hotels, airports, commercial buildings but also demanding applications like car parks, cruise ships and oil & gas platforms. The ability to offer a full range of products, coupled with our vast experience of HVAC systems, makes MyAir the ideal provider of Fire Safety solutions.

Jet Thrust Systems

The MyAir ventilation group Jet Thrust System replaces traditional ductwork with arrays of small fans called Jet Thrust Fans, that distribute the supply air towards the extract point.

Higher System Performance

By controlling the air supply with Thrust fans a full smoke control design can be made – something just not possible with a conventional ducted extract system. In an emergency situation, full fan extract rate can be reached in as little as 20 seconds allowing immediate response to the situation. Full smoke control can be designed into the system, which can encompass fully reversible Jet and extract fans if required.

Lower Installation and Running Costs

Installation costs are normally lower with a Thrust Fan System, compared to a ducted system. Installation is simpler saving on labour costs, dependant on the size and form of the car park. There are other hidden savings too. With no ductwork, other services such as, cables, gas and water supplies, soil pipes and so on, can be routed straight across the ceiling line, without having to divert around extract ductwork or hangers. Access for routine maintenance is easy, and of course, there are no distribution ducts and dampers to be cleaned and inspected.

Design & CFD

Jet Thrust Fans are one part of a system, and it doesn’t mater how good the product is if the design is flawed.

MyAir ventilation group have a design and CFD Centre of Excellence based in the UK, supported by local specialists .  The Design team are focused on delivering the optimum design  tailored to local regulatory requirements, optimising air quality, fire safety, installed cost and full life cycle costs.

We design smoke clearance, smoke control, temperature control and pollution control systems, using the latest techniques.

For Consultants:

  • Preserve the integrity of the architects design
  • Reduce project costs by optimising  the system design
  • Reduce energy consumption in ventilation mode

For Contractors:

  • Lower installation costs
  • Simplify installation
  • Optimise other project costs: excavation, smoke shaft size, switchgear

For Building Owners/Operators:

  • Protect life & property
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase lettable space

For Occupants:

  • Increased fire safety
  • Lower noise levels