Cars parked in an underground parking structure emit carbon monoxide (CO) and other noxious fumes into the atmosphere. There is a need for an efficient ventilation system to remove these toxins, circulate fresh air into the car park, and assist firefighters in the case of a fire emergency. The Green Jet series includes a range of performances ideal for parking garage ventilation. Ductless designs use jet fans to dilute and remove contaminants and control smoke. The fans move air towards the exhaust area when installed on the ceiling. This creates a continuous flow, avoiding the creation of stagnant zones where air is trapped.

Radial Jet Fan

Radial Jet Fan model, with centrifugal wheel, maximizes the clearance height for vehicles or installations when space and driving clearance is limited. With the lowest GreenJet profile of under 12 inches (305 mm), it easily fits in tight spaces, helping keep clean air in hard-to-ventilate as well as open areas. The Radial utilizes an electronically commutated (EC) motor and a 0-10 VDC or MODBUS signal for speed and volume control. Included in the Radial is a NEMA-3R disconnect and a quick connect terminal strip for control and power wiring.

Axial Jet Fan

Axial Jet Fan model, with inlet and outlet silencers, inlet guards, mounting bracket and aluminum die-cast propellers and blades. The Axial features a true airfoil design propeller to move large volumes of air at a high efficiency using a smaller diameter fan.