MyAir Ventilation Group design and manufacture ventilation equipment and fans by consideration to the environment. Our products have long life spans and environmentally safe. MyAir ventilation group efficient and reliable products and systems for ventilation are part of industrial, commercial, public and residential buildings.
The land based applications and markets are the focal point of our business. For these markets we develop and implement high efficient ventilation fans which require minimal resources to run and reduce the discharge of harmful substances.
The world is constantly changing and through new challenges from the environment, our customers and the business environment call for innovative solutions. These challenges fuel our desire to create the next generation of ventilation products.

Head Office

Address: 2nd floor, college house, 17 king edwards road, RUISLIP, London, United kingdom

Phone: +44 793 701 7043

Whatsapp: +44 793 701 7043

Email: info@my-air.co.uk



Partner in Germany

PEXSAN Werkzeug Maschinen Handel

Address: Ersingerstr. 11 D-75210 Keltern

Phone: +49 7236 981175

Email: info@pexsan.com

Partner in Iran

Bostanchi Industrial Group

Address: Nr. 88 South Mofateh St. Across from Kharazmi University, Tehran

Phone: +982188862700

Email: info@bostanchi.com