MYAIR Ventilation Group is a pioneer in indoor air management in case of fire and smoke

We have built up vast applicational knowledge through involvement in many major construction projects, such as offices, hotels, airports, commercial buildings but also demanding applications like car parks, cruise ships and oil & gas platforms. The ability to offer a full range of products, coupled with our vast experience of HVAC systems, makes MYAIR Ventilation Group the ideal provider of Fire Safety solutions.

Our Solutions

Car Park Fire Safety

Underground or enclosed car parks need ventilation in place in case of a fire or smoke extraction emergency
Pressurisation Systems

This system safeguards life creating the means for simultaneous evacuation of occupants with a protected means of escape from multiple levels during an emergency.
Smoke Extract

For space-constrained multi-storey residences requiring mechanical smoke extraction to maintain smoke-free means of escape and fire fighter access.
Tunnels & Metro

We can offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of CE Marked Safety Critical Ventilation Products available in the world.